I am passionate about leadership developed from years of working with leaders and leadership teams.

Wendy Born

Leadership isn’t hard! Don’t let anyone tell you any different. Like parenting, on any given day it can be rewarding, frustrating, fun, risky and scary, all within the first hour. It can make you feel happy, proud, annoyed, furious, inspired or like you want to curl up in a corner rocking back and forth (this can be helpful at times!).
I’m here to make leadership simple and practical for all leaders.


I am passionate about leadership development from years of working with leaders and leadership teams. I am an engaging, results oriented leadership specialist who leverages your talent and strengths to create high performance. I am a simple girl, complexity hurts my brain! So I have a common sense approach and use simple and useful tools and techniques to lead more effectively and with greater impact.


I am a highly experienced corporate coach with over 25 years experience in business development and management including 10 years in senior leadership positions across Finance, IT, retail, Financial Services, Communication and Government sectors. I work with executives, senior leaders and leadership teams to enhance their leadership and performance, with a strong commitment to results. I build strong trusting relationships with all of my clients.


I am certified in Training & Development

and have over a decade of experience as a facilitator and speaker earning a reputation as an engaging, fun and effective professional who delivers results for my clients.

I am a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School, Executive Education in 21st Century Leadership. I also hold qualifications in Human Resource Management, Finance, Operations Management and Professional & Personal Coaching.


Accredited to administer HBDI©, DISC, the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS) and Strengths Profile.  I use these tools as they provide unique insights into individual and team performance.

Have I tweaked your interest?